Celebrity Squares

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Not So Newlywed

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Face Off

Similar to The Quiz Show, just two teams of 4-5 competing against each other. Face Off is used with small groups in a limited space and it has the same excitement and interaction as its “big brother”, The Quiz Show .

The Quiz Show

Our most popular game show.
The quiz show is a fast paced and highly interactive experience. Everyone is included!
Answer trivia in movies, music, sports, history, science, geography, and much more to score points.
The team with the most points wins!

  • For large groups
  • For all ages
  • High audience participation
  • Experience our “physical challenge”

This is our most popular fast paced game show. The game is very interactive and everyone will be included in the action, even the audience. The Quiz Show is ideal for any event or group, large or small, young or old and is especially successful with those quiet groups that need to come out of their shell.

Spin to Win

It’s a simple show, but a fun one; combining elements of both luck and skill, along with the wit of the show hosts.

Contestants spin the wheel (risking bankruptcy if it lands on the wrong space), then guess a letter of the alphabet (or ‘buy’ a vowel). Correct guesses fill in spaces on the big puzzle board. Eventually, those letters form a familiar phrase or name. In theory, contestants try to guess that phrase as early as possible, while only seeing a few of the letters. But since contestants are also trying to win as much money as possible, their strategy is often to keep spinning the wheel even after they have figured out the puzzle, to rack up more dollars. (But they risk losing it all if the wheel lands on the “Bankrupt” space.)

  • Guess the phrase and win.
  • Earn money and prizes by spinning the wheel, then guessing a letter to fill in the phrase.
  • The first person to guess the phrase correctly wins the prize and keeps all the money!
  • Keep spinning the wheel to earn more money
  • The more consonants you reveal, the more you win
  • Buy vowels to help you solve the phrase
  • Beware, you can lose everything from just a spin
  • Guess right and win, guess wrong and lose your turn
  • Can by modified to include teams in play

Price Check

Guess the correct price without going over and win the prize!
Prizes range from common items such as appliances to new cars and whole furniture sets.
The person closest to the correct price also gets to play for additional prizes by winning more games.

  • Putting (golf)
  • Spin the wheel
  • Vertical maze chip drop
  • Price checks

This popular game show is the one that audience participants always hope to be selected to “Come On Down!” to be the next contestant on the game show which gives away new cars and expensive vacations. Of course, smaller prizes are available!

The game seems easy enough on the surface: players are shown a prize (such as a refrigerator or a room full of furniture) and they guess its price. The person closest to the price (without going over) wins that prize. But that’s just the start. Once up on stage, the host presides over a series of games of chance and skill, ranging from dropping “Plinko” chips down a vertical maze, to putting a golf ball into a hole. But most games first involve correctly guessing the price of a prize within a certain range. So it pays to know the “ins & outs” of the various games. It also pays to act excited! Contestants are chosen from the audience members – and the producers like exuberant players.

The Challenge

You know the answer, but do you know the question?
Select a category. Choose how much you want to wager.
The hidden “answer” is revealed and you must guess the corresponding “question.”
Guess the correct question to win the bet.
Answers become harder as the wager is increased.

  • Teams can consist of individuals or whole groups
  • Exciting question and answer format
  • Can customize questions to suit your event

Fabulous Feud

Game starts with two groups, five members each. A face-off starts every round, where the team captains for each team shake hands and try to come up with the best answer to a question which was asked of 100 people. (Ex. “Name a famous vacation destination.”)

Whoever rings in first gets first crack at an answer; if he/she gets the number one answer, they automatically are given a choice to play the question, or pass it to the other team. The team that plays the question tries to guess the remaining answers until they guess them all, or until they give three incorrect answers (“Strikes”). If they get three strikes, the other team will try to guess one of the remaining answers. If the other team gets it, they “steal” the points in the bank, but if not, the team with the question gets the points.

Play options:

In order to allow for the maximum number of participants, the show can be concluded at the end of each round. Another option: Two rounds with regular points are played, then a round which will DOUBLE the points and then (if necessary) a round which will TRIPLE the points.

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