Music Master DJs

The location is inviting, the food is exceptional, but it is the entertainment that will keep your guests from leaving early. More than just music, it is knowing how to entertain that makes your event one to remember. MusicMASTER provides not only music but the know-how to engage your guests and keep then dancing long past last call.

If you are planning your wedding certainly you have concerns about selecting entertainment that will appeal to everyone in your family and friends. How about a corporate gathering; not only is your boss evaluating how well you handled this assignment, there are your coworkers who are counting on you to make their evening enjoyable. Each event booked with MusicMASTER receives the utmost attention to detail, making your event unique and more entertaining than you could ever imagine!

MusicMASTER is one of the premier music entertainment choices in the Southeast. Call for an appointment to discuss your next event and put the entertainment needs in the hands of a seasoned professionals. Since 1984, the President of the company, Andrew Byrd has been highly sought after throughout the region for his ability to entertain in a variety of environments with audiences of 50 to 5,000. All lighting and sound equipment is state-of-the-art and allows MusicMASTER to always provide first class entertainment for any event!
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