Price Check

Guess the correct price without going over and win the prize!
Prizes range from common items such as appliances to new cars and whole furniture sets.
The person closest to the correct price also gets to play for additional prizes by winning more games.

  • Putting (golf)
  • Spin the wheel
  • Vertical maze chip drop
  • Price checks

This popular game show is the one that audience participants always hope to be selected to “Come On Down!” to be the next contestant on the game show which gives away new cars and expensive vacations. Of course, smaller prizes are available!

The game seems easy enough on the surface: players are shown a prize (such as a refrigerator or a room full of furniture) and they guess its price. The person closest to the price (without going over) wins that prize. But that’s just the start. Once up on stage, the host presides over a series of games of chance and skill, ranging from dropping “Plinko” chips down a vertical maze, to putting a golf ball into a hole. But most games first involve correctly guessing the price of a prize within a certain range. So it pays to know the “ins & outs” of the various games. It also pays to act excited! Contestants are chosen from the audience members – and the producers like exuberant players.

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