Spin to Win

It’s a simple show, but a fun one; combining elements of both luck and skill, along with the wit of the show hosts.

Contestants spin the wheel (risking bankruptcy if it lands on the wrong space), then guess a letter of the alphabet (or ‘buy’ a vowel). Correct guesses fill in spaces on the big puzzle board. Eventually, those letters form a familiar phrase or name. In theory, contestants try to guess that phrase as early as possible, while only seeing a few of the letters. But since contestants are also trying to win as much money as possible, their strategy is often to keep spinning the wheel even after they have figured out the puzzle, to rack up more dollars. (But they risk losing it all if the wheel lands on the “Bankrupt” space.)

  • Guess the phrase and win.
  • Earn money and prizes by spinning the wheel, then guessing a letter to fill in the phrase.
  • The first person to guess the phrase correctly wins the prize and keeps all the money!
  • Keep spinning the wheel to earn more money
  • The more consonants you reveal, the more you win
  • Buy vowels to help you solve the phrase
  • Beware, you can lose everything from just a spin
  • Guess right and win, guess wrong and lose your turn
  • Can by modified to include teams in play

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