Who Wants to Be a Winner

Is that your final answer? This hit quiz show is high pressure! The pressure is on as you join the host and play from the hot seat! While you’re facing the host, try to answer 15 questions that increase in value. You will also get the lifelines. Will you be able to make it to the $1,000,000 question? The pressure is on. Can you keep cool? Hundreds of Brain Teasing Questions! Minutes of Mind-Bending Fun! Fun for all ages!

Individuals come up on stage and test their knowledge on various topics. Each question is more difficult than the last. You have your “lifelines” – 50/50, Ask a Friend, and Poll the Audience – to help you through a series of multiple choice questions. Finish them all and you are the WINNER!

A game of high stakes and higher pressure!
There are 15 questions starting from easy to hard.
Answer all 15 correctly and win the prize.

  • Questions must be answered consecutively
  • The stakes are raised with each question
  • 3 lifelines: if you’re stuck, get some help
  • Hundreds of trivia and brain teaser questions, or customize your own

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