My Event

How much do you help to coordinate events?
This is our strong suit. We have found over the years that many, events need a little guidance. We help “host” the event by working with your caterer, photographer and other event professionals to keep all your guests entertained and involved. From pouring champagne to arranging special dances, we contribute quite a bit to how smoothly things flow.

How far in advance do we need to book?
Most clients book their event with MusicMASTER on average 8-12 months in advance. However, during off-peak seasons or dates, we book events as late as one month ahead of time.

Do you act as a M.C. (Master of Ceremonies)?
Yes. Every MusicMASTER entertainer will act as your M.C. and coordinator and perform all necessary announcements as required.

When will you arrive and set up your equipment?
Approximately 1 hour before contracted start time.

Do you know the proper procedures and etiquette for a wedding reception?
Yes. We are wedding reception specialists and will provide you with planning materials and consultation to ensure the success of your wedding reception.

Will I be able to meet you prior to my wedding reception?
Absolutely! MusicMASTER entertainers are available to meet with you in person and discuss the details of your event personally.

About the Company

How long have you been in Business?
Since 1984

Are you licensed & insured?
Yes. MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. holds a business license and is insured with liability and property insurance coverage.

Are you easy to contact?
Yes. We are available via telephone (office & cell), fax, email and the web site is open 24/7.

Do you have references that I can contact?
Yes. After every event, we send out an evaluation form and ask for feedback on our performance. We would be happy to send you a few upon request. Perhaps the best source of referrals would be from other professionals that have worked with MusicMASTER in the past. Call us and we will supply you with names of caterers, photographers or facility owners or managers. Also, you can request a list of references that you can contac t personally and ask them any questions about our services.

Do you belong to any business related Associations?
Yes. MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. is currently a member in good standing of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers, the National Association of Catering Executives, and the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Can you play music to entertain all the guests?
That’s exactly what we do! Every Disc Jockey has the ability to “read the crowd” and select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there. We have music for every generation.

How is a DJ better than a band?
A DJ doesn’t take breaks during the night. A DJ can change from a Polka to a new Top-40 song in one second flat, although not recommended. The music is the same version played on the radio. DJs are equipped to play a wider variety of music. Continuous music — The music only stops playing at times you specify. People like to dance to music they are familiar with. A disc jockey can tailor the sound level much easier than a live band. If a DJ gets sick, the company can find you a similar replacement–they don’t have to cancel. DJs cost a fraction of the price for a band.

Do you play requests?
Yes. Each client receives a song list. Many clients make special notations of must-play songs. We also play requests from your guests at the event by providing them with a song list.

Will you take requests from my guests?
If the host or the Bride & Groom approve, MusicMASTER will try to accommodate most song requests. Songs with offensive language will not be played unless approved by the host. The host(s) or the Bride and Groom are our top priority and questionable songs must be approved by them before we will play them.

Can you play my own personal CD’s?
Yes. If they are in very good, playable condition and are marked, we can play any of your collection as specified.


How many Disc Jockeys do you have?
The number one priority at MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. is quality. As with any business, when quantity becomes the most important goal, the quality suffers. The number of performers varies in each geographic performance area. We are constantly searching for exceptional talent and at this time there are 15 entertainers company-wide.

What will your entertainers wear to my event?
MusicMASTER entertainers usually wear a tuxedo. However, we also dress to the appropriate theme for the event. For example, for a luau we would dress in Hawaiian attire. For non-formal events, business or casual attire may be appropriate.

Do you take breaks?
No. From the time the entertainment begins, there are no breaks until the end of the performance.

Will your DJ drink at our event?
No. As a matter of company policy, no entertainer will drink anything other than a soft drink or water.

What if our DJ gets sick or has an accident?
We always have additional personnel and equipment on call just in case of illness or something unforeseen. We realize how important we are to the success of your event and we are very careful not to take chances.

How are your Disc Jockeys trained?
The level of experience of your entertainer is an important factor. Each MusicMASTER entertainer goes through extensive training with the company President, Andrew Byrd. Combined with on the job training, MusicMASTER DJ’s are some of the best-trained DJs in the Southeast. A minimum requirement to work with MusicMASTER is 10 years of entertainment experience.

Business Practices and Fees

Will you pencil me in?
No. MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. operates on a contractual basis only. Once you receive the contract you will have exclusive first right of refusal for hiring MusicMASTER.

Can you provide me with a written contract?
Yes. You will be issued a written and signed contract showing the exact details and balance of your event. The importance of a written agreement between both client and entertainer cannot be stressed enough. All terms of the event should be in writing to avoid any misunderstanding at a later date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, accepted forms of payment include cash, local personal check, business check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, a 50% deposit along with a signed contract will secure the event date & time. The deposit is applied to the total bill.

Why is the retainer fee non-refundable?
Once MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. accepts the retainer fee for your event, any other inquiries for that date will be referred to other DJs. Cancellations can create situations where MusicMASTER is unable to book another event. Most events are booked eight months to a year in advance and the previously referred clients will have already found entertainment for their event.

Once a contract is signed can you change the event date?
We accept changes in event dates provided the new date is available. There is no extra cost to you! Beware of companies that may charge extra to change the date.

Once a contract is signed can we cancel?
We know plans can change. If you have to cancel, we’ll gladly hold your deposit as a credit towards a future event.

Do you charge extra for set-up?
No. Set-up is included in the rate quoted. We arrive approximately 1 hour before the contracted start time.

What about travel expenses?
There are no travel expenses associated within our geographic performance area. For performances outside this area, the client is responsible for travel expenses. If you are not sure what our geographic performance area is, just ask.

What is your price for my event?
Musical entertainment is the most important factor in determining the success of an event. The price is based mainly on the day of the week, time of event, and type of event. Due to the broad range of events we perform, a number of variables can make a big difference in the price. We perform for events on a regular basis that range from $250 to $4,000. The best way to get an accurate price quote is to call the office or schedule a meeting in person.

Should I Tip The Disc Jockey?
If the entertainer goes above and beyond your expectations, then it is appropriate. MusicMASTER charges a professional fee and a tip is never expected. 5-10% of the total amount charged would be very generous.

Are there any taxes?
All fees are included in the total amount quoted and there are no hidden charges.

Bottom Line

After all of my questions, I find two DJ companies that are evenly matched, how do I decide which company to choose?
Ask each company if you can meet with them in person. You can get a feel for their style and personality with an in-person consultation. Plus, you avoid that uncomfortable feeling that you may have meeting them at another person’s event. After all, would you want your Disc Jockey meeting clients at your event?

Every company says they’re the best. Who do I believe?
You can always believe the current clients. In fact, we have some clients that have hired MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. time and time again, year after year for years. Nothing beats repeat business. There’s a reason MusicMASTER has been around this long. Ask for a list of references. We’re proud of our clientele and their glad to help insure success at your event also!

What is the difference between your company and “Brand X”?
We offer a premium service at a reasonable price. We aren’t the cheapest in town. On the other hand, we are considered among the elite and we can back that up with our superior reputation and experience. The music and equipment used by most professional entertainers will be similar. Our entertainers likely have more experience. Many companies calculate success by the number of events performed in a given time period. Again, our reputation proves we always make quality our top priority. More than likely, the entertainment is going to be the least expensive factor at your event and will have the largest impact! Truly, how much will your food, cake, or flowers cost? What will be most remembered a week, month or years after the event is the entertainment.

We want to book you. What do we do next?
We will send you a packet of information upon request. A copy of our contract is included. Simply sign and return it with your deposit.